Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar by Zarendom® 250 g

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Sturgeon Caviar Osietra Deluxe. The Adriatic sturgeon caviar has silky and shiny fish eggs, which have mild and creamy taste. It is the finest delicacy.



250 g

94,00 € / 100 g

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94,00 € per 100 g


The sturgeon fish eggs are wonderfully soft, lightly salted and have a fine walnut note in the harmonious taste. The caviar color shimmers in shades of grey, from slate black to medium gray, but can also be amber-brown and silky gloss.

This type of sturgeon from the Adriatic Sea and its rivers basin has extremely reduced and, until recently, was not cultured in the artificial conditions. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer you this sort of caviar from aquaculture.

Sturgeon caviar is a highly sensitive product; light and oxygen destroys its quality for several hours. It should not be stored for a long time after opening.

The shelf life of a closed jar at a temperature from -3° to +3°C is about 4 months.

Ingredients: sturgeon caviar, salt, E 285.