Pink Salmon Caviar Premium 500 g

New product

Pink salmon caviar of the finest quality with a unique pure taste. 



500 g

6,38 € / 100 g

31,90 € tax incl. (7%)plus shipping


Pink salmon caviar is a true pleasure for gourmets.

What makes this product unique? Let's start with the can: a new, sophisticated packaging design that catches your attention at first glance. Regular clients say that this can is worthy to be put even on a richly laid holiday table!

But the most important feature of the premium caviar is its taste. A special feature in the production of premium Zarendom® salmon caviar is that the caviar is processed immediately after catching a pink salmon. This will perfectly preserve a pure taste and important for the health elements. The caviar may differ slightly in terms of consistency, but that depends only on the relevant fishing season. With a tasting, you will appreciate a perfection of caviar, as well as an incomparably fresh taste and aroma of the premium caviar by Zarendom®.

Therefore, the premium caviar by Zarendom® has a balanced taste and mild salinity. This salmon caviar is a completely new taste experience.

The majority of our customers, our most important experts, have confirmed that this caviar is excellent, and therefore they prefer salmon