What is the difference between chum salmon caviar and pink salmon caviar?

There are several species of salmon fish, among them chum and pink salmon, which means that they are subspecies of salmonids.

The chum salmon caviar is bigger, and a membrane of the caviar is stronger. If you are planning a long lasting feast, it’s better to choose the chum salmon caviar. It will stay longer on the table maintaining its freshness. The fat content in the chum salmon caviar is higher by nature, which also affects the taste. The pink salmon caviar is slightly smaller, the caviar membranes are delicate and the taste is perhaps a little more intense. In Russia, for example, most of the experts prefer this caviar. Both types of caviar are rich in nutrients and have a high nutritional value.

What is the difference between Classic and Premium caviar?

These are two varieties of pink salmon caviar; they differ in price and quality. Both types of caviar have certain advantages. The Premium caviar has always a guaranteed excellent quality and taste. The Classic caviar has always a low price and good quality.

How to store caviar? What are the storage periods?

Salmon caviar must be stored unopened in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0° to +4°C and should be used within six months. Nevertheless, we recommend storing caviar not too long. Its flavor characteristics can change over time. We also don’t recommend freezing caviar.

How to store caviar? What are the storage periods?

Lachskaviar ist ungeöffnet im Kühlschrank bei einer Temperatur von 0° bis 4°C zu lagern und innerhalb eines halben Jahres zu verbrauchen. Trotzdem empfehlen wir den Kaviar nicht allzu lange aufzubewahren. Seine geschmacklichen Eigenschaften können sich mit der Zeit ändern. Ebenso wird davon abgeraten den Kaviar einzufrieren.

What is a shipping period for caviar?

Die Bestellungen werden in der Regel am folgenden Arbeitstag nach Eingang der Bestellung versandt (bei Vorkasse nach Zahlungseingang). Die reguläre Lieferzeit innerhalb Deutschlands beträgt 1 – 2 Tage. Der Versand erfolgt mit DHL. Nach dem Versand wird ein Link zur DHL– Sendungsverfolgung per E-Mail zugeschickt, wo Sie den aktuellen Versandstatus nachlesen können.

Allerdings kann sich, zum Beispiel in der Vorweihnachtszeit, besonders bei schlechten Wetterverhältnissen, der Versand verzögern. Daher empfehlen wir frühzeitig zu bestellen.

Когда бывают самые лучшие цены на икру?
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When are the best prices for caviar?

There is no definite answer to this question. Track the advertising and subscribe to our newsletters.

When is the best time to buy caviar?

It’s when you have an appetite for caviar. Choosing the caviar by Zarendom®, you can be sure to enjoy fresh and tasty caviar all year round. Do not forget about holidays, if you are expecting guests, because they will be pleased with the caviar. We recommend an early order just before Christmas. Shipping may be delayed shortly before the holidays and especially in bad weather conditions.

Nur in der Vorweihnachtszeit empfehlen wir eine frühzeitige Bestellung. Kurz vor den Feiertagen und bei schlechten Wetterverhältnissen kann sich die Zustellung verzögern.

If I didn’t like the caviar, could I return it?

If someone tries caviar for the first time, it may be that he doesn’t like its taste. But if you are an expert, the caviar by Zarendom® will definitely suit your taste (read “What caviar is better?”). But if you still want to return the caviar, we are ready to take back our product regardless of the legal requirements that food shall not be returned. Contact us immediately after receipt of the parcel, and we will discuss the terms of the product return and the payment refund.

What caviar is better?

It depends on what do you want to get - the caviar Zarendom® Classic is better for a wallet, as it always has a low price. However, the chum salmon caviar Zarendom® Premium suits better for a long lasting feast. A caviar membrane is stronger, so it reserves longer its appearance even if it is on the table. Any caviar from Zarendom is the best for a healthy and balanced diet. We have excellent products for everybody - both for those who want to have a good quality at a reasonable price (Zarendom® Classic) and for those who have higher requirements - pink salmon or chum salmon caviar Zarendom® Premium, for example. If you find it difficult to make a right choice, call us at the toll-free hotline 0800-101 7777 and our staff will help you in any case.

Bei uns gibt es hervorragende Produkte für alle – für jene, die eine gute Qualität zum günstigen Preis haben möchten (Zarendom® Classic) sowohl für jene, die höhere Anforderungen stellen – zum Beispiel Keta- oder Gorbuschalachskaviar Zarendom® Premium. Wenn es Ihnen schwer fällt die richtige Auswahl zu treffen, dann rufen Sie uns unter der kostenfreien Hotline 0800-101 7777 an und unsere Mitarbeiter werden Ihnen auf jeden Fall helfen.

Why do the caviar prices fluctuate so much?

Caviar is a product which is obtained from nature. When the population of salmon fish reduces, then there’re less fishing quotas. Caviar becomes a scarce good and become more expensive. After a certain time, a salmon fish population increases and the caviar prices comes down.

Could it lead to overfishing and thus little caviar?

The caviar by Zarendom® is obtained in Alaska. The system of the local fishing industry was introduced in the 50s of the last century and has excellently proved up to now. This system is based on the current research and is constantly completed. The control over each species of fish is carried out regarding the total population, and then the fish quotas are allocated. This makes it possible not only to preserve the stocks but to increase the population of salmon fish. Currently, there is no risk for any type of salmon fish.

Why are there different consistencies of caviar?

Caviar is a natural product. If the caviar membranes are very tender, what is connected with the fishing season, they burst during processing. The caviar by Zarendom® differs in that no thickening agent is used in the production. Thus, the natural and pure taste is preserved regardless of a different consistency.

How much is shipping?

If you order 4 kg of caviar or more, then the shipping is free. The shipping fee is 7.90 EUR with less than 4 kg. For shipping outside of Germany, look at the price table.

Do I have to stay at home and wait for the parcel?

Not necessarily. The shipping is done by the postal delivery service DHL. If a postman doesn’t find anyone at home, he will carry a parcel to the nearest postal branch. You can go there with your passport next day and take the parcel (and payment in cash on delivery).

One may also put a note on the bell with a request to give a parcel to some particular neighbors, if you have agreed with them beforehand. This applies primarily to the shipping in Germany - there are also differences in the postal service of other countries.

After sending the parcels, we always send a notification by e-mail with a link to the DH L page, which displays the current status of delivery.

Call us on the phone 0800 101 7777 or email via the contact form what is the problem. You can also inform your phone; we will call you and will surely help.

Sie können uns auch Ihre Telefonnummer mitteilen und wir rufen Sie dann zurück und helfen gern.

Why is the caviar from Zarendom® better?

The caviar by Zarendom® is lightly salted, tasty and fresh the whole year. Our needs to the quality of caviar are identified by our high parameters and resistance. We always improve our technology in production and increase the quality of our products year by year.

We have different types of caviar - Zarendom® Premium, for example, always guarantees the highest quality with pure and fresh taste. Caviar Zarendom® Classic always has a low price and good quality. We love and appreciate this exceptional product and do everything for you to enjoy the caviar by Zarendom®.

You have not found an answer to your question? Or do you have any suggestions or requests?

Then call us at 0800 101 7777 or write to us through our contact form Contact.