Types of Caviar

No doubt, caviar of chum and pink salmon belongs to the best types of red caviar. The caviar of chum salmon is more exclusive and expensive. The diameter of its eggs reaches 7 mm. The caviar of pink salmon, having eggs with a diameter of about 4 mm, takes an honorable second place among all kinds of salmonids, which does not belittle its taste qualities. And as a consequence, the number of its fans has been constantly growing. Our Zarendom Company produces both caviar of chum salmon and pink salmon.


The main regions of origin of red caviar are North America and Russia. Due to today's liberalization of the caviar market in Russia, which was initially strictly controlled by the state, the quantity and quality of the sanitary inspections carried out has significantly decreased. Many enterprises, not having sufficient experience, use the current uncontrolled situation in the industry. In particular, preservatives are used in production, which are prohibited in the countries of the European Union, since they are harmful to health; the reservoirs in which fishing is made are not always ecologically ideal. The negative aspects also include old-fashioned methods of caviar processing. And on the contrary, the North American salmon caviar is subject to extremely strict control by the FDA* and USDA* and receives the conclusion of the state inspection. For this reason, Zarendom uses only the best, slightly salted and non-canned caviar from the North America derived from fish caught in ecologically clean waters of the northern part of Atlantic. 

Quality Control

When selecting caviar in Alaska, which is then sent to our factory in Germany, Zarendom representatives are constantly present, which undoubtedly guarantees the highest quality of caviar: structure, caliber, freshness, salt and water content.


Within three hours after the catch, caviar is taken from the fish. Then, separating it from the shell (skein), it is put in a slightly saline solution. The next stage is the packing of caviar in containers and its shock freezing for more efficient transportation to another continent. The caviar imported to Germany is subjected to special technological procedures: defrosting to zero degrees, canning with a soft additive - sorbic acid, vacuum packing in cans or glass jars. Then the caviar is placed in a cool place and is ready for shipment. At the same time, the storage temperature always remains constant, which results in a long shelf-life (6 months) without the use of active preservatives.

Our company is regularly monitored by state and independent sanitary and hygienic services in accordance with the existing German and European legislation.

Why red caviar?

Long since black and red caviar are considered delicacies. Both one and the second are endowed by nature with remarkable qualities, which has been constantly confirmed in countless scientific studies. But what kind of caviar tastes better remains still a matter of taste. Both have their fans. They differ little from each other in terms of nutritional value, but the price is different. Firstly, the number of sturgeons in the world is much less than salmon, which raises the cost of black caviar. And secondly, there are a lot of new technologies for catching and processing fish with red caviar, which make the price for the consumer so affordable now that you can afford to enjoy its taste more often.

Zarendom® - means the best quality of caviar for a stable, affordable and honest price.

Our motto: We convince with quality!