Beginning from the imperial times, caviar was considered to be a high-class delicacy being a symbol of luxury and served for getting a tasteful delight. A perfection of caviar flavor is determined by its freshness and quality. And our unbreakable position is to meet the highest requirements applicable to caviar.

You may find more detailed information about our products and their production methods on our homepage. Our company was established in Berlin in 2003 and is a rapidly and successfully developing company which has gained only positive reviews and a good reputation among customers and business partners. Our production facilities and cold stores are equipped according to the latest health and hygiene regulations of the EU; the company is regularly monitored by state and independent sanitary services according to the existing German and European legislation.

Our caviar is transported in cooling containers by plane from Alaska and is delivered to customers after processing and packaging at our company in special boxes preserving a low temperature for several days, what provides the continuous storage temperature requirements and a high quality product as a result.

In addition to various types of caviar, you may find a number of other delicacies on our homepage, each of which is distinguished by its exquisite and unique quality able to satisfy even the most fastidious taste.

Let us assure you with our experience, service and, of course, quality.

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