Chum Salmon Caviar Premium Gold In The Glass Jar 100 g

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Chum salmon caviar in the glass jar of 100g is exquisite and delicious. The light of the sun and breath of the sea wind are felt with these perfect fish eggs.

A true delight for real experts.



100 g

8,50 € / 100 g

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Chum salmon caviar with fairly large fish eggs (about 4-7mm) and a delicate flavor. A delicacy of the finest quality - delicious, with high nutritional value and looks decorative. In the salmon caviar ranking, the 1st place belongs to the chum salmon caviar.

Even with the high quality of the caviar, its price is still very affordable.

Caviar is a must for a healthy nutrition. There are very few products that include as much protein, vitamins and essential minerals.

Ingredients: chum salmon caviar, salt, sorbic acid.

The shelf life of an unpacked product at a temperature from 0° to + 4°C is about 6 months.

Manufacturer: Zarendom Lebensmittel GmbH