Chum Salmon Caviar Premium 250 g

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Chum salmon caviar of an unsurpassed quality, Premium class. Selective caviar with an excellent taste in a practical can of 250g. Fish eggs are not very large, but each of them brings a taste enjoyment and highest benefit to your body.



250 g

8,92 € / 100 g

22,30 € tax incl. (7%)plus shipping

83,60 € per kg


Chum salmon caviar with the fairly large fish eggs (about 4-7mm) and a delicate flavor. A delicacy of the finest quality - delicious, with high nutritional value and looks decorative. In the salmon caviar ranking, the 1st place belongs to the chum salmon caviar. Caviar is a must for a healthy nutrition. There are very few products that include as much protein, vitamins and essential minerals. The chum salmon caviar has a fresh and harmonious taste. A membrane of the chum salmon caviar is a little stronger than that of the pink salmon caviar, so this variety is particularly well suited for preparation of caviar dishes.

And these cans are equipped with a plastic lid for convenient storage of caviar after opening.

The product is certified as kosher.

Ingredients: chum salmon caviar, salt, sorbic acid.

The shelf life of an unpacked product at a temperature from 0° to + 4°C is about 6 months.


Asparagus with the caviar sauce


Chum or pink salmon caviar by Zarendom®;

White asparagus:;

Crème fraîche or thick sour cream;

1 shallot;

Spring onion, dill.


Wash white asparagus and boil in the salt water, you may add a little lemon juice. Wash and chop shallot, chop spring onion and dill, mix with the crème fraîche. Add the salmon caviar by Zarendom® and mix in. Serve.