Frequently Asked Questions

1.questions about caviar

Because Zarendom® caviar is mildly salted, tasty and fresh all year round.

Because our requirements for the quality of caviar are characterised by our high parameters and durability. We constantly improve our production techniques and improve the quality of our products from year to year.

We have different types of caviar - for example Zarendom® Premium - always guaranteed the highest quality with a pure and fresh taste. Caviar Zarendom® Classic always has a favourable price and good quality.
We love and appreciate this extraordinary product and do everything we can to make you like Zarendom® caviar.

Zarendom caviar is extracted in Alaska. The fishing system there was developed in the 50s of the last century. and has proven its worth to this day. This system is based on current research results and is constantly being completed. Controls are carried out for each species of fish to the stock of the population and then allocated the catch quotas. In this way it is not only possible to preserve the stocks but also to increase the populations of salmon fish. Currently there is no danger for any species of salmon fish.

Caviar is a natural product. If the roe shells are very tender then this is due to the I've got a fishing season together. They may burst during processing. Zarendom® caviar differs in that no thickening agents are used during production. can be used. This preserves the naturalness and the pure taste regardless of a different consistency.

That depends on which goal you set yourself - Kaviar Classic is better for your wallet, because he always has a low price. However, for a longer-lasting table the Ketakaviar Zarendom® Premium is more suitable. The shells of the Keta roe are firmer and the caviar retains its appearance longer even when standing on the table. Every caviar from Zarendom is the best for a healthy and wholesome diet.

We have outstanding products for everyone - for those who want good quality at a reasonable price. (Zarendom® Classic) both for those who have higher demands - for example Keta- or Gorbuschalachskaviar Zarendom® Premium. If you find it difficult to make the right choice, then call us on the free hotline 0800-101 7777 and our employees will help you in any case.